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Digital OOH

How Digital OOH can benefit your business

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising today. Advertisers are increasingly employing digital screens and electronic billboards for their outdoor promotions, as they offer dynamic real-time messaging that can be controlled remotely.

Digital billboards are LED screens that present multiple static 10 second advertisements on a rotating basis. They can appear pretty much anywhere – retail parks, high streets, motorways, arenas, airports, shopping centres and stadiums.

Going digital provides companies with new exciting features including brighter colours, movement, interaction, and more advertising variation in general. DOOH allows advertisers to unleash their creativeness and produce engaging eye-catching adverts.

Digital advertising is also agile and versatile: advertisers can communicate in a responsive, relevant and topical way by taking advantage of the ability to change or update messaging or artwork at any given time (with no additional charges). Digital is appealingly flexible but as powerful and effective as paper ever has been. 

Formats we offer:

  • Digital Billboards – 4 sheets, 6 sheets, Mega 6 Sheets, 12 sheets, 32 sheets, 48 sheets, and 96 sheets and bespoke
  • Digital Advertising Vans/Digi Vans
  • Digital Screens
  • Digital StreetHub Advertising
  • Smart Billboards
  • 3D Screens

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